The World as One   
The United,   
The Shared,   
and for the Better...
By Cindy S. Cho   
CommApp ID: 15975283
Bellevue Senior High School, Bellevue, WA
My Interests and Ambitions
Although I do not have a precisely planned future after college, I clearly know that I want to work for the government or an NGO in one way or another because I know the global issues in which I want to enact change in. Because the issues that I am passionate about are on the international scale and especially related to human rights, I know that studying human rights and subsequently making my way to a government occupation will be an essential step in the professional ambitions that I wish to have. Whether I work for women's rights in the UN, become a foreign service officer for the U.S. state department, work for Amnesty International, or turn out to be a human rights attorney, I know that any single one of my interests will require me to pursue a degree in human rights or international relations. By pursuing a degree in human rights, I will be able to focus exactly on the changing political, economic, and cultural relations within the international system and distinguish what exactly needs to be done in order to contribute to the matters that I've been studying and interning for throughout high school. From classes in children's rights to international law, college will provide me with a wide range of classes to explore the different human rights interests that I have.
During the beginnings of my undergraduate years, I hope to grow stronger interests to one of the focuses that I grew strong attractions for in high school, so that I can possibly go onto graduate school to hone in on a definite topic. More specifically, since I've had a focus on national racial and gender-specific civil rights in high school, I've noticed that the subjugation of one group of people by another is prevalent literally everywhere in this world. Whether it be human rights violations to the powerless citizens of North Korea or the escalating brutality that the Iraqi civilians face at the hands of ISIS or the children of Guinea-Bissau that are trafficked out of the country to work in cotton fields, I want to be apart of a team that strives to fight the ongoing and future social injustice issues throughout the world.
  Reciting my closing speech at a Mock Trial regional competition
  Me with an Iraqi ambassador at the embassy of Iraq in DC
  Me wth Alberto Fierro, the counsellor for
  Culture and Education at the Mexican Embassy
  Me in the background at Gary Johnson's rally in Seattle!
  Posing at the U.S. senate podium